Tipsy Zine Print F/W 12

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Nail art lifestyle zine spotlighting events, products, trends, and manicurists making history! Get a buzz off nails! We Tipsy!

 As Editor-In-Chief of Tipsy Zine I felt the need to address an open letter to clarify questions I have received about Tipsy’s original team. Isis Nicole, a founding team member of Tipsy, decided to voluntarily step down as Co-Editor and collaborating Creative Director after Issue 02. Since then Tipsy has missed her and we still continue to support her endeavors.

In regards to the accusation about misrepresentation and crediting, I would like to make it clear that we have always found it extremely important to credit everyone’s involvement and contribution in our publication and projects. To address specifics about claims from The Wah Nails Book of Downtown Girls, it was never mentioned that my team was not involved in our publication, quite the opposite. During that interview I sent praises and love to my team, including our former and founding Co-Editor, Isis Nicole. It’s no secret that Tipsy Zine would not be here without the amazing team who helped create it. Each brought a special contribution and their talents never go unnoticed or unappreciated.


I started Tipsy Zine because I was trying my best to keep up on all the flyest nail news while still holding down a busy schedule lacquering nails and coordinating projects. Casually talking with a friend in my apartment about zines and my desire to create one of my own about nails but knowing I couldn’t do it alone, a team was formed that very day and the rest was history.

 I recently made the conscious decision to edit our bio to remove Isis Nicole’s name since we regret she has not been part of the past two issues and found there was confusion around her current involvement, but we want to make it clear that her input, dedication and contribution do not go unnoticed or unaccredited. She will forever be apart of Tipsy Zine’s history and we want to make sure that is not forgotten. Her contribution and involvement lives on in previous posts and issues.

Thank you so much to our readers that have continuously showered us with support and love. We founded this magazine in hopes of creating a platform for the nail community and have nurtured a foundation for us to talk openly about an art form that I personally love to rep so hard. Together we have strength in numbers and I thank you for helping us leave a mark in the name of nail art.

Much Love, 

Your Editor,

Ashley ‘AstroWifey’ Crowe

In our fourth issue out today you can find a photo series about Naughty Nailz, a group of woman who have been a nail art staple for over 20 years in the West Side of Chicago. We love the style and influence they bring to nail culture so to better showcase the intricacy of design work we are bringing an excerpt from their story along with detailed shots of the nails from the photo series.

"Naughty Nailz employs a host of women who manage to straddle both nail art worlds: old school brush strokes and new school designs that are architectural and organic, almost surrealist. The nail techs use traditional nail polish and rhinestones, but they specifically use acrylic paint to make nail art. This is important because the tech can get more movement with her brush than she could using nail polish. Three nail techs at Naughty Nailz bring a strong Puerto Rican influence that includes three very specific trends like bridge nails, Britto style painting, and sculpted acrylic flowers. The team has embraced technology; displaying their multicolored and multifaceted designs to the world and, in turn, have stayed current with the trends and whims of their ever growing clientele.

“Some people think we’re loud, some people think we’re cheap, some people think we’re ghetto,” Carla said. “But they still love us. They still come to us.” The Naughty Nails girls give no apologies. “

'Read On' to get a up close look at the detailing in their nail styles.


Helen Maurene Cooper

Editorial Design

Sophia Fedachtchin @sofiyochka


Shani Crowe @crowezille

Jazzelle Straka @poshsplice

Krystel Castillo @babyisacrook


Kat DeJesus / Factor Artist / @katdmakeup


Naughty Nailz @naughtynailz 

Special Thanks

Dulcelandia & Rico Fresh Market in Chicago

Chicago based artist, Homeless